Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday blah's

Well it's another Monday..I'm sick with a cold but here I sit at work on my happy little blog pumped full of medication!

We made GREAT strides in the wedding planning this weekend. We finally sat down and actually made a wedding/honeymoon budget (on paper mind you!) and talked seriously about saving and figuring out what we need/want at our wedding and same for the honeymoon. Dave's finally starting to get a tiny bit excited I think, which I am SO thankful for...because I have been AMAZINGLY excited, you know us girls, give us something to plan and have us shopping and organizing and we are excited, but it sometimes takes a lot to get the guys involved!

As for the honeymoon we looked at cruises this weekend and found an AWESOME one that leaves out of San Juan, Puerto Rico (so we'd have to fly there) and goes to like 7 different places, St Thomas, the Dominican, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts & St Maarten! So that is like MAJOR, I mean wow that would be an amazing start to my non-outside of the US travel! I'd get to see SO many places!!

As for our wedding talk, I think I am going to cut down on some of my expenses...instead of spending $150 on cake servers and flutes, I think I'll try to cut that down! A Lot! LOL That is a tad ridiculous huh? Although the Park Avenue Things Remembered set still has my heart, there's other things I'd rather spend that money on!

So on my list for this week is to find out measurements for tables so that I can start getting fabric so my mom can start on table linens. I also need to call and check on additional chair rentals for the ceremony site and get that going. Also need to start calling around to caterers, which we think we are just going to do BBQ so that'll be fairly easy. Then I need to set up a tasting/appt with the bakery for the next few weeks to go ahead and get one of the other costly things checked off the list!

I guess I'll close this post off for now until I think of more to gab about :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Starting it off

So I have like a ton of blogs to try to keep up with but figured I'd start one more! I've got my wedding by color blog, Miche blog (which I really haven't done much with), and well I guess that's all the blogs I have...but still, a girl can never have enough blogs! Right? I kinda wanted THIS blog to keep up with more personal wedding and day-to-day stuff.

I went today to Hobby Lobby and bought the flowers for my bridal bouquet. At least I think I did. I bought some flowers...put it that way! I bought 9 Real Touch white roses...and in my minds eye I can SEE my bouquet. I just want plain, simple white flowers only...and I plan on wrapping the stems in pool blue (to match the wedding colors) fabric or ribbon (to be decided...advice is always welcome :) ) and then criss-crossing chocolate brown (again, to match the wedding colors, which if you don't know...they are pool blue & chocolate brown) ribbon over top of the pool blue. I think it will look great! And I'm excited! I like flowers yes, I like to receive flowers yes, but as far as being a flowery type of girl at a wedding I can take them or leave them, so for me, the flowers were a hard choice. I do know that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on flowers, nor did I want real flowers to have to worry about them dying.

Alsooooo.....on the diet front...I tried to start walking/running yesterday....I was even going to try to Couch to 5k exercise plan, however, it didn't download correctly to my mp3 player, bummer! So I 'll have to work on that at a later date and try to get that downloaded right. And an even bigger bummer...I drove to the lake up the road from my job where I like to go walking b/c it's safe, it's pretty and it's quiet. I turn my handy-dandy-mp3 player on and start walking around the lake like I own it...and about 5 minutes in my player DIES. And what's walking without music? I just can't do that...don't really care for walking/running to begin with. So at least I had good intentions! I am down maybe a total of 4-4.5 pounds since I started dieting, which I am sad to say has been a few wks :( I am TRYING to get Dave to jump on the diet bandwagon with me b/c we all know it's much easier if you've got someone to diet WITH!

So I guess that's it for my first post for now :)