Thursday, January 21, 2010

Starting it off

So I have like a ton of blogs to try to keep up with but figured I'd start one more! I've got my wedding by color blog, Miche blog (which I really haven't done much with), and well I guess that's all the blogs I have...but still, a girl can never have enough blogs! Right? I kinda wanted THIS blog to keep up with more personal wedding and day-to-day stuff.

I went today to Hobby Lobby and bought the flowers for my bridal bouquet. At least I think I did. I bought some flowers...put it that way! I bought 9 Real Touch white roses...and in my minds eye I can SEE my bouquet. I just want plain, simple white flowers only...and I plan on wrapping the stems in pool blue (to match the wedding colors) fabric or ribbon (to be decided...advice is always welcome :) ) and then criss-crossing chocolate brown (again, to match the wedding colors, which if you don't know...they are pool blue & chocolate brown) ribbon over top of the pool blue. I think it will look great! And I'm excited! I like flowers yes, I like to receive flowers yes, but as far as being a flowery type of girl at a wedding I can take them or leave them, so for me, the flowers were a hard choice. I do know that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on flowers, nor did I want real flowers to have to worry about them dying.

Alsooooo.....on the diet front...I tried to start walking/running yesterday....I was even going to try to Couch to 5k exercise plan, however, it didn't download correctly to my mp3 player, bummer! So I 'll have to work on that at a later date and try to get that downloaded right. And an even bigger bummer...I drove to the lake up the road from my job where I like to go walking b/c it's safe, it's pretty and it's quiet. I turn my handy-dandy-mp3 player on and start walking around the lake like I own it...and about 5 minutes in my player DIES. And what's walking without music? I just can't do that...don't really care for walking/running to begin with. So at least I had good intentions! I am down maybe a total of 4-4.5 pounds since I started dieting, which I am sad to say has been a few wks :( I am TRYING to get Dave to jump on the diet bandwagon with me b/c we all know it's much easier if you've got someone to diet WITH!

So I guess that's it for my first post for now :)

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