Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall picture frames - Dollar Tree Bargains

I actually got this idea from A Diamond in the Stuff's post.

I switched it up a bit and only used 4 frames to spell out FALL instead of the 6 to spell out AUTUMN.

I got 4 cheap frames from the Dollar Tree, spray painted them with cheap old black spray paint that I got at Walmart for like a buck!

Then I cut letters out with my Cricut - using the basic George Cartridge because I don't have a whole lot of cartridges yet - and mounted them on scrapbook paper and basically decorated them like a scrapbook page! For my letters, I used the shadow feature and cut out two of the same size that when you mat them on it looks like a shadow.

Then I just stuck on some 3D glitter stickers I had...thought about using real leaves, that might be cool, but I was too lazy to try it out.

Sorry about the bad picture..will try to get a better one later! (Hey I'm new at this! LOL)